Public Restroom Initiatives

The four boxes, below, provide: (1) information on DC’s Public Restroom Law 22-280, which was inspired and informed by DC Public Restrooms research and advocacy; for factors outside of our control, the two restrooms pilots provided for under the Law did not come to fruition; (2) two public restroom initiatives introduced by DC Councilmembers in 2023 (which we will be tracking and providing updates); (3) public sector initiatives launched in 2022 and 2023 by other cities in the U.S.; and (4) challenges experienced in installing and maintaining clean, safe public restrooms.

D.C. Public Restroom Law 22-280

Research and advocacy carried out by DC Public Restrooms for two public restroom pilots provided for under DC Law 22-280, Public Restroom Facilities Installation and Promotion Act of 2018.

New DC Public Restroom Initiatives

We are tracking two initiatives that came out in 2023  to make clean, safe public restrooms available in needed areas of DC.

Other US Public Restroom Initiatives

Other cities in the US are successfully taking the plunge to make the investments needed to invest in clean, safe public restrooms.


The US has had a rocky experience with public restrooms. View media articles that address these challenges.

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