Since 2015, members of PFFC’s Downtown DC Public Restroom Initiative, with the support of their Advisors, have prepared and delivered more than 70 presentations. Audiences include DC Council Members and their staffs; Directors of DC Government Agencies and their staffs; ANCs in all 8 DC Wards; members of churches, organizations representing DC residents, and organizations that support the homeless.

Three recent presentations may be found below:  

  1. The first is a generic presentation that we delivered to DC Council Members and their staff at about the time Bill 22-0223 came out. Its objective was to raise consciousness of the need for clean, safe public restrooms in DC and present options with the objective of getting them to support the Bill.
  1. The second was prepared and delivered in August 2021 by members of DC Public Restrooms to members of the Working Group charged by the Mayor to select the restroom model and two locations for the Standalone Public Restroom Pilot.
  1. The third was prepared and delivered in September 2021, also by members of DC Public Restrooms, to the DC BID Council composed of representatives from all DC BIDs. It was designed to provide information on the Community Toilet Scheme, upon which the Community Restroom Incentives Pilot is based.
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