Support for More Public Restrooms

ANCs (Advisory Neighborhood Commissions)

Twelve (12) ANCs have submitted resolutions to the DC Council calling for more clean, safe public restrooms in DC and supporting Bill 22-0223, Public Restroom Facilities Installation and Promotion Act of 2018. All have commercial areas within their boundaries.

BIDs (Business Improvement Districts)

Three (3) BIDS support “public restroom access for all members of the Downtown DC community to support a higher quality life for our residents, workers and guests.”

  • Downtown DC BID
  • Georgetown BID
  • Capitol Hill BID

Private sector endorsements

Twenty-five (25) organizations (including 4 churches, 3 citizens associations, and 13 organizations that support the underserved and social justice) have indicated that they endorse more clean, safe public restrooms for needed areas of Washington, DC.

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