LAW 22-0280 Status of implementation: MAY 2023 – DC Public Restrooms

Standalone Public Restroom Pilot

The Mayor’s FY 2024 budget removed funding for the Standalone Public Restroom Pilot, erasing all Capital funds accumulated in prior years, adding a provision that this pilot was to be put on hold until such time as funds were to become available effectively putting the pilot on indefinite hold..

Councilmember Nadeau, who chairs the Committee on Public Works and Operations, arranged with DPW to set aside funds in DPW’s FY 2024 budget for a one year pilot under which five standalone restrooms will be installed with the objective that if successful funds will be found in the FY 2025 budget to continue and hopefully expand to other sites..

Community Restroom Incentives Pilot

Efforts to identify businesses willing to participate in this pilot have not been successful in identifying sufficient businesses willing to participate in this pilot. We believe that this is in large part, due to the location selected which has been adversely impactedy by COVID.

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